Attached Vs. Freestanding Carports

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After a homeowner has decided on a material, a homeowner must then decide whether he or she wants an attached or freestanding carport. Although both styles of carports can protect a vehicle, they both have their shares of positive and negative aspects. Before committing to a certain style, it is beneficial for a homeowner to learn the positive and negative aspects of both attached and freestanding carports.

Positive Aspects of Attached Carports

There are a plethora of benefits that come with attached carports. One of the major benefits to attached carports is that the homeowner is able to pour a concrete floor with little repercussions. If the homeowner poured a concrete slab for a freestanding carport, they would eventually be left with a large slab after the original structure is torn down. These slabs can be difficult to remove. Attached carports are also much more aesthetically pleasing than freestanding carports.

Negative Aspects of Attached Carportsremodeling, roof repair, residential roof construction

Although there are a lot of positive aspects, attached carports do have one major downside: they are expensive. Any homeowner that is planning on investing in an attached carport better have room in the budget.

Positive Aspects of Freestanding Carports

Freestanding carports have one major advantage over attached carports. This advantage is that they are not as permanent as attached carports. If the homeowner doesn’t end up liking the location or size of the carport, it is easier to tear them down and build a new one.

Negative Aspects of a Freestanding Carport

The primary downside to building a freestanding carport is that they require a permit to build. Although it will depend on the area that you live in, attached carports do not always require permits. However, freestanding structures, like carports, almost always require a permit to be built. Acquiring a permit can be a difficult, time-consuming process.

As a homeowner, it is important to know the positive and negative aspects of both attached and freestanding carports. This will ensure that they make the right decision when they build their own.

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