3 Questions to Ask a Contractor When Replacing a Roof

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Having to replace a roof can be a big job. There is lots of preparing, researching, and meetings to attend. When searching for a contractor to replace your roof, it is good to have a couple of questions prepared for meetings. This gives you the ability to know what you need to ask and gives you the opportunity to come up with new questions as they arise.Ask a Contractor

Previous Work

Asking for a reference or to see examples of previous work is a crucial part of picking a contractor. Being able to see an example of previous work can give you an idea of the level of craftsmanship that the contractor can provide. It’s a bonus if you can see the work in person. If they have any testimonials or reviews on their websites, it’s not a bad idea to check those out either.

Variety of Materials

A good contractor will be able to offer a variety of materials for your roof. Having a variety allows you to pick the perfect material for your roof that works with your budget. Be wary of contractors who only offer a minimal amount of materials, as they might not have your best interest in mind. Also be on the lookout for contractors pushing a specific material. This could be a sign that the company has a special incentive to move the product, or there could be something wrong with it.


To be a roofer, one must have a roofing license. You can easily ask the contractor about what licenses and certifications they have. If the company is legitimate, they will most likely advertise their certifications on their website. Be sure that that company you are planning on working with is fully certified and is not going to put your roof or house in jeopardy.

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