The Appeal of Stone Siding

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There are a variety of different siding choices in the world. All of them are designed to make your home look amazing. One of the latest trends for siding includes stone siding.

The Appeal of Stone Siding

Stone siding is appealing for a lot of reasons, including the fact that it has been used for centuries in the construction of homes. It adds a sense of permanence and solidity to a home, and it looks really good while doing it.

Putting actual stone on a home generally isn’t done anymore. Stone siding is a more economical and practical way to achieve the solid look without adding too much weight to a structure or spending too much on stones for the home.


Roof top of a southern home

There are generally two types of stone siding: real stone that has been sliced and faux stone. Both can add an aesthetic beauty to your home, and deciding which one you want will depend on your taste, your budget, and what’s available.

Real stone siding is stone that has been sliced to uniform thickness, usually in a quarry or field stone. The placement of real stones on a home can be labor intensive, as it requires each piece to be hand stacked, and a consistent randomness of color, shape, and size has to be maintained.

Faux Stone Siding

When it comes to faux stone, it is often made of Portland cement and lightweight fillers such as pumice that is then colored with artificial or natural pigments to give it a stone color. This siding can come as assembled panels, which makes installation much easier than real stone.

Both real stone and faux stone can add beauty, sophistication, and stability to a home. Choosing which one will depend on your taste, the look you’re trying to achieve with your home, and how much you can have in your budget.

If you’re interested in stone siding or any other type of siding for your home, contact At the Top Restoration today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have!