2 Animals to Watch Out For in a Residential Attic

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Although we never think it will happen to us, all homes are at risk of getting infested with some sort of pest. There are a number of pests that can creep into an attic, especially in the colder months of the year. This is why it is essential for homeowners to take the time to inspect their attics for critters. There are a number of signs that a homeowner can use to identify if there is an animal infestation in the attic.


Many houses are prone to get infested with mice and other rodents; this is especially true in older homes. Mice and other rodents will find cracks and other entrances to sneak into. They can then make their way into the attic and start to breed. This is never good for a homeowner as mice can cause expensive damage to a home. Any homeowner that feels that their home has mice or other rodents should inspect the attic. If the homeowner is able to find any droppings or holes, there is a good chance that there are mice or other rodents. The homeowner may also be able to smell the animal’s urine.Damaged Sidings


During the winter months, many animals will look for warm, dry shelter. Although some of them will migrate, many birds will stay in the same area throughout the year. Occasionally, birds will make their way into residential attics. They can do so by entering through an open window or finding an opening in the roof. If birds have started nesting in a residential attics, a homeowner will be able to notice quite a few signs. The homeowner may be able to hear the birds chirping, pecking and moving around in the attic. The homeowner may also notice bird droppings and feathers on the floor of the attic. After the birds have been removed, it is important to get an inspection from a professional roofing service. This will help the homeowner minimize the chances of birds nesting in the attic in the future.

For more information about what animals may be lurking in your attic, be sure to contact the roofing pros at At The Top Restoration.