Aluminum Siding vs. Vinyl Siding: Comparing the Costs

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Which Siding Will Better Protect a Home?

People who want to better protect their homes have likely looked into different types of siding. The two most common forms are aluminum siding and vinyl siding, both of which have their advantages. This post will break down some of the differences between the two, and help homeowners make a better purchasing decision on professional siding installation.

Aluminum Siding

While vinyl siding has gained a lot of ground since its inception in the 1960s, aluminum siding still holds a number of distinct advantages.

To start, aluminum siding is generally less expensive to purchase and install than vinyl. The material is lightweight by comparison, and this shaves down installation costs in many cases. Despite being relatively lightweight, aluminum siding still offers great protection from the elements, as well as bigger problems like fire, mold, and pest infestation.

Lastly, aluminum siding does not expand and contract with temperature in the same way that vinyl siding does. This makes it a better alternative for climates that experience greater fluctuations between seasons.

Vinyl Siding

Though aluminum siding has its benefits, many people have opted to with vinyl siding in more recent years. Vinyl siding combines aesthetics, durability, and performance, and has become the preferred option with the United States.

aluminum siding vs vinyl sidingVinyl siding is about is twice as thick as aluminum siding on average, and tends to be considerably more durable. It can also be expected to last, with continued performance for up to 50 years. Aluminum siding, by contrast, is only expected to last about 30 years under most circumstances.

Because vinyl siding is the same color throughout, dents or scratches won’t alter the appearance of the siding. Unfortunately, when aluminum siding is scratched, it reveals bare metal underneath. This can make aluminum siding look very unattractive over time. Vinyl siding also resists sunlight or UV damage better, but as explained above, it also tends to be more expensive.

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