3 Advantages of a Cool Roof

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Cool roofs are one of the most interesting breakthrough technologies in the roofing industry, which has seen it’s fair share of innovation. Commercial and residential buildings in Hendersonville, TN can have a range of roofing types depending on the structural design of the building. Modified bitumen and green roofs are both exciting propositions for the roof types that they are designed for, but neither of them offer the advantages that cool roofs provide. Just what are these advantages? Let’s look at the top three.

Cost SavingsAdvantages of a Cool Roof

Property owners are always on the lookout for the most cost-effective materials and maintenance services on the market. The revenue potential of owning commercial property very much depends on finding the best deals and having the most efficient materials installed on the property, and cool roofing installation definitely qualifies here. Cool roofing represents huge cost savings for industrial roofs because it deflects sun away from the roof. This reduces the amount of heat that penetrates inside the building and, as a result, lowers the cost of energy otherwise spent on AC to keep the building cool.

Easy Install

Compared to other types of roofing maintenance and installation, cool roofing represents an easy install. After all, the roofing is an add-on to whatever existing roofing material is already there, so the time and work commitments are low. Cool roofs are a metal sheet that is placed over the existing roof.

Visual Appeal

While not strictly a material benefit, there is certainly something to be said for the visual appeal a cool roof has on your commercial building. If people are more attracted to the building, they are more likely to either recommend the building to other work colleagues or rent space from you. It’s an enduring act of branding to have a cool roof.

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