What To Do About Window Blemishes

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Window blemishes happen to every window. No matter how new or old the window is, gradually over time, the window pane will pick up dirt, debris, marks and scratches from the surrounding environment. But where do all these blemishes come from?

One source is from the natural environment surrounding the home. In winter, for example,  moisture and other debris have a particularly detrimental effect on windows. This is a phenomenon that residents of Brentwood are probably all too familiar with. Debris gets picked up in the wind and lands on window panes. Depending on the quality of the window and the amount of heat emanating from the home, that moisture and debris will slide down the pane. Either way, it leaves a mark that, come spring, is impossible to ignore. Aside from moisture in winter, windows are also exposed to bird droppings, paint drippings, and of course organic dirt particles in the air sticking to the pane over time.

Window BlemishesTaken together, these forces create window blemishes that tarnish what might otherwise be an immaculate exterior of a home. The question is: what can be done about these blemishes?

Call a window cleaning company

The most efficient solution is to call a window cleaning company to give all the windows a thorough rinse. After a long winter, this will give them a crystalline quality after months of dirt build up.

Scrub them off

Sometimes, the best idea is to go out and scrub off the blemishes yourself. For paint marks and bird droppings this makes sense. Once the blemishes have been removed, a window cleaning job will have maximum impact on cleanliness.

Leave them until you replace the windows

Depending on the age of the windows, you might have it in your budget to replace them. If this is the case, then cleaning them is only a short-term solution to what is the ultimate goal (i.e., replacing your windows).

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