Have You Thought About Dormer Windows?

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First, let’s talk about what a dormer window is. It is a gabled window that rises from the surface of a pitched roof. They are often put in to create more space and add aesthetic appeal to a home.

Adding Dormer Windows

Not everyone has the ability to add dormer windows to their home. If your house has a stick-framed roof and attic, there is space for adding a dormer window. If it has a truss-framed roof without an attic space, you can still add a window, but it won’t be a true dormer window.

Roof damage, roof repair, roof replacement, shingles, storm damageDormer windows are often added when people convert their attics into living spaces to add more space. If you’ve ever been in an attic, you know that the space isn’t square like the rest of the house, it’s triangular. The walls slope in and upward, and there isn’t a lot of headroom in certain areas.

Adding a dormer window makes more space and gives the attic a square shape, along with headroom. It forms a nook that things can be placed into. If the attic is being converted into a bedroom, this could be a great place for the bed to sit, especially since the bed is rectangular and so is this space. If the attic is being converted into an office, this would be a good spot to place the desk.

Dormer Window Types

The fun things about dormer windows is that there isn’t a cookie-cutter design for them. That means that depending on your house and what you want to have done, you can choose a style that reflects your décor and sophistication. Some of the different types of dormer windows include:

  • Eyebrow
  • Doghouse
  • Shed
  • Recessed

Another really nice thing about dormer windows is that they let in a lot of light. This is a nice touch when converting an attic into living space because it will make it feel less dreary and dark.

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